Friday, April 12, 2024

Giants’ bandwagon breaks due to flood of ex-Jets fans

Early Monday morning, the New York Giants' official team bandwagon broke due to the increased amount of Jets fans that have flocked to it since the G-Men won Super Bowl XLVI over the New England Patriots.

Zambian village celebrates Brady getting his 2nd ring, wonders if Eli will ever get...

"I could hardly believe my eyes when I opened that box and saw the Patriots won again," said a youngster named Sonkwe. "I've never seen a football game in my life, but I've been wearing my Patriots '19-0 Perfect Season' T-shirt every Sunday for four years. It reminds me that anything is possible."

Heckler Comic: Romo gives Eli some advice

Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo gives New York Giants QB and two-time Super Bowl Champion some advice about star power and success.

Report: Eli refused to leave Disney World until he got to ride the teacups

"All was going well until he was told it was time to leave," said a Disney PR spokesperson. "Eli started freaking out because he hadn't had a chance to ride the teacups yet."

Rex Ryan sneaks onto float during Giants Super Bowl parade

Although the weather was crystal clear, someone still managed to rain on the Giants’ Super Bowl Parade in New York Tuesday -- Jets’ coach Rex Ryan somehow managed to climb aboard a float without being noticed.

Coughlin after Super Bowl win: ‘I’ll go to Disney World, but I won’t enjoy...

"I really appreciate the invitation to Disney World and I would love to accept," Coughlin said to Disney president Robert Iger. "I know Disney World is supposed to be a fun place where people laugh and stuff, but I'm saying beforehand that I will not be laughing or having fun whatsoever."