Friday, April 12, 2024

Giselle leaves Tom for Eli Manning

Seconds after Tom Brady’s ill-fated Hail Mary sealed the Giants’ win over the Patriots in the Super Bowl, Giselle Bundchen sent an email to a select list of family and friends stating that she was leaving Tom to take up with Eli Manning.

Patriots dump hot coffee on Belichick after Super Bowl loss

While Giants’ players doused Tom Coughlin in a celebratory Gatorade shower, Bill Belichick received a scolding hot reminder that his team came up short in Super Bowl XLVI. jumps gun, posts photo of angry Tom Coughlin at Disney World

The New York Giants' website accidentally provided bulletin board material for the Patriots by posting photos an angry, yet presumably celebratory Tom Coughlin at Disney World.

Inspired by Giselle, Peyton asks friends to root for Eli and also hate Jim...

"Eli really needs our support in the big game on Sunday," wrote Peyton. "But you know who doesn't deserve our thoughts and prayers? Jim Irsay. That's who. I'm not saying we should wish him ill or anything, but it would really mean a lot to me if you sent absolutely no positive vibes his way."

Heckler Comic: Super Madonna

Madonna stops by to give football fans something they've never seen before (from someone her age). By Rick Atkinson