Sunday, May 19, 2024

Carmelo Anthony refuses to pass mic to Pope Francis on MSG floor

"Why would I be shocked?" said long-time season ticket holder Anthony Scapaldi."He wouldn't pass to Stoudemire, Hardaway or Lin either."

Melo ultimately not swayed by other teams’ abilities to Photoshop him in their jerseys

"I give those teams a lot of credit," said Anthony. "It was really creative for them to do what all the bloggers have been doing for more than 10 years and Photoshop me in their jersey."

Phil Jackson to coach Knicks via Skype next season

The basketball world was shocked Thursday when TNT analyst Steve Kerr spurned the Knicks' offer to be their head coach. Left flatfooted with no other candidates in mind, owner James Dolan hastily announced that Jackson will serve as the team's coach next year via Skype video chat.

Phil Jackson vows to not run a team as horribly as Michael Jordan

"Michael Jordan is unquestionably the greatest basketball player ever, and I taught him a lot to help him grow into a champion," Jackson shared. "But don't you dare think for one minute I had any influence on the way that guy ruins, I mean, runs a basketball team."

Unsure how to react to good team, Knicks fans boo during wins

"For most of my adult life, this team has been garbage, and I got accustomed to booing and stuff when Isiah was the coach and they would lose," said one fan. "So even when they win now, I boo."

Knicks’ JR Smith out for season after tearing muscle at strip club

An unfortunate situation for the Knicks occurred early Wednesday morning in New York City as the team's talented shooting guard, J.R. Smith, suffered a torn groin muscle and will the entire 2012-13 NBA season.

Nas buys minority stake in Knicks

Anything you can do we can do ... better? Not to be outdone by their new instate rival, Knicks owner James Dolan has reached an agreement to sell a small portion of the Knicks to recording artist Nas.