Anything you can do we can do … better? Not to be outdone by their new instate rival, Knicks owner James Dolan has reached an agreement to sell a small portion of the Knicks to recording artist Nas.

A native of the Queensbridge projects, Nas, whose real name is Nasir Jones, grew up with two passions in life, rap music and Knicks basketball.

“It’s all I had to keep me from drowning in the ghetto life,” said the six-time platinum rapper. “The Knicks mean more to me than the Nets mean to Jay, I can’t tell you that. My word in my bond.”

Jones, who once had a famous feud… or “beef” to the unhip, with Nets’ minority owner Jay-Z, said he felt it was time to rekindle the rivalry.

“Hov owns about 1 percent of the Nets. He paid for like 10 wood panels on the court, a hotdog stand and one-64th of Deron Williams,” said Nas. “I was sick of seeing him strut around like he’s (Mikhail) Prokhorov, so I sold the original masters to Illmatic, and got myself a piece of the Knicks.”

The Knicks plan to unveil their new slogan, “Hey Manhattan,” during a Nas and friends concert on October 28th at the Garden, in which the rapper will officially sign the documents that make him part of the family.

“We’re thrilled,” said James Dolan as he read from a prepared press release. “Nas is a staple of our city and has always been in a New York state of mind. We’re happy to have him aboard for our championship run in 2013. How does that ether taste, Mr. Z?”

When asked his thoughts on the Knicks’ roster for the upcoming season, Nas beamed, “I like it a lot. There’s a lot of skill, balance, and D. Stat and Melo are primed for a big run … I don’t think I would have signed Rasheed Wallace’s old ass though.”