Carmelo Anthony is reportedly staying with the Knicks following a whirlwind free agency tour last week that took him around the country to see other teams Photoshopping him into their jerseys hoping it would lure him away from New York. Ultimately, the Photoshop skills of the teams vying for him weren’t enough to woo the superstar.

“I give those teams a lot of credit,” said Anthony. “It was really creative for them to do what all the bloggers have been doing for more than 10 years and Photoshop me in their jersey.”

Anthony said seeing himself in other teams’ jerseys helped him better envision the possibilities.

“I thought I looked good in a Bulls jersey,” said Anthony. “And seeing myself in a yellow Lakers jersey was cool too because then people could have called me ‘Melo Yellow.’ Get it?”

In the end, his decision-making process went another route:

“Playing in the biggest NBA market in the world for a team president who’s won 13 championships as a coach and player weighed a little more than other teams’ ability to have an intern put me in a different jersey in every city I went to.”