Tsuyoshi Wada made his MLB debut Tuesday night against the Reds, throwing five strong innings and leaving with a 5-1 lead. The Cubs bullpen proceed to then blow the game, giving a 6-5 win to Cincinnati, prompting the 33-year-old Japanese lefty to demand he be returned to the stacked Triple-A Iowa Cubs.

“This sort of thing never happened in the land of corn and beefy people,” said Wada, referring apparently to Iowa. “The players there, they are good. They don’t let things like this happen.”

The five relievers who followed Wada all gave up an earned run, something Wada said didn’t seem to happen back in Iowa.

“On my old team, the relief pitchers didn’t give up so many runs,” said Wada. “I don’t understand why it’s happening with the big league club, but I want to go back to my old team right away.”