An unfortunate situation for theĀ  Knicks occurred early Wednesday morning in New York City as the team’s talented shooting guard, J.R. Smith, suffered a torn groin muscle and will the entire 2012-13 NBA season. Smith was vigorously “engaging” with a stripper at Isiah’s Club in Manhattan, a strip club owned by much-maligned former Knicks coach Isiah Thomas, when he slipped and fell, hurting his groin extremely and completely tearing a muscle in the process.

“I’m really fine, I could go out and play tomorrow if the the team needed me,” said Smith at the Knicks practice facility while standing on crutches. “I was just enjoying some good-ole fun with the girls at Isiah’s and an accident happened. Not as big a deal as y’all are making it out to be. I’m at Isiah’s every day when we’re in New York and I get bumps and bruises from time to time, but I still play through them on the court. This one may be more serious, but I’ll get through. Peace!”

Knicks coach Mike Woodson wouldn’t comment on the situation but a few Knicks players were, off the record, heard hysterically laughing after they heard the news about Smith with Carmelo Anthony, the team’s star small forward, remarking that maybe “J.R. got a little more than he could handle, if you know what I mean.” The NBA said they are investigating Smith’s accident privately.