The Knicks are 12-4 this season and fans of the team are, frankly, going a little crazy.

Sure, the Knicks have made the playoffs the last two years, but their start this season has been exceptional. Coach Mike Woodson’s squad is undefeated (7-0) at MSG this season, giving the Knicks faithful much reason to cheer. However, having dealt with extreme futility for much of the last 10 years of Knicks basketball, fans don’t really know how they are supposed to react while their team destroys opponents.

“Ya know, my Knicks are playing really good basketball right now,” said Paulie Caruzzione, a fan from the Lower East Side. “I know it’s better when they win these ballgames, but what the hell am I supposed to do when I’m at the games, watching them win? For most of my adult life, this team has been garbage, and I got accustomed to booing and stuff when Isiah was the coach and they would lose. So even when they win now, I boo. That’s all I know. Is that wrong or something?”

The Knicks game operations staff has pulled out all the stops to get tormented long-time fans of the team to cheer, not boo, when the team is doing well, but all their attempts have been to no avail. Signs, gift cards given to those who cheer, a money-launcher to a whole section that cheers, and even threats of arrest for those who boo during wins haven’t altered the mentality of Knicks fans. Commissioner David Stern is looking into the matter.