Although the weather was crystal clear, someone still managed to rain on the Giants’ Super Bowl parade in New York Tuesday — Jets’ coach Rex Ryan somehow managed to climb aboard a float without being noticed.

“I heard a chorus of ‘Boos,’ and thought they were saying ‘Cruuuuzzz,” said MVP Eli Manning. “Then I noticed Rex Ryan had his arm around me. He asked if I’d like to play for the Jets next season. It was surreal.”

Ryan’s apparent mission on the day was to coax Eli to force a trade to the other team in New York.

“I want a Manning on my team,” Ryan said as he scuttled away from police. “If not Eli, I’ll take either of his brothers!”

NYPD officers were somehow unable to catch up to the impressively fleet-footed Ryan, but that wasn’t the last they’d see of the loudmouthed Jets’ Coach.

Ryan was found driving a pick-up truck at the front of the parade an hour later. He zoomed off down a side street and once again escaped the scene.

Later at City Hall, Mayor Bloomberg handed keys to every player on the Giants’ roster — including Rex Ryan, who stepped on stage in the guise of Giants’ lineman Chris Snee.

“Chris is the father of my grandchildren, he [Ryan] really thought I wouldn’t notice the difference?” asked Tom Coughlin. “I’ll give Rex some credit though, that son of a [expletive] is persistent.”

Ryan left City Hall on his own accord, but not before he proclaimed the Jets would have a parade of their own in 2013.