After the Giants’ stunning 21-17 victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI, Giants coach Tom Coughlin was approached by Disney executives, who invited him, his family, and the whole Giants team to spend a few days at the “Most Magical Place in the World.”

“I really appreciate the invitation to Disney World and I would love to accept,” Coughlin said to Disney president Robert Iger. “I know Disney World is supposed to be a fun place where people laugh and stuff, but I’m saying beforehand that I will not be laughing or having fun whatsoever. As most of you know, our defense gave up a ridiculous 17 points to New England and we, the coaching staff, are already game-planning to fix this problem for Week 1 of next season. This means that the Disney trip would be a working vacation for the team–me specifically–so I will be bringing our playbooks on the rides with me, which will help our team but will prevent me from enjoying the ‘fun’ of Disney World.”

Coughlin also said that there was one thing he would not be bringing to his Disney trip and that will be his traditionally-red face. Instead, Coughlin will be wearing his normal, peachy-face in Florida as he says that the red-face is only for games.