One day after the state of Indiana hosted one of the most successful Super Bowls on record, officials who worked on the mega-event were not done supplying a party to the people of Indianapolis. At Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Mayor Gregory A. Ballard unveiled a butter sculpture of Payton Manning, hoisting a bottle of milk high in the air in celebration. Etched on the base of the statue: ” Peyton Manning, four-time Indy Champion and MVP of Super Bowl 46.”

The crowd of thousands who clambered for a first look at the new landmark looked on dumbfounded as officials spoke of Manning’s great victories over Mario Andretti and the New England Patriots. After 20 minutes, an aide of the Mayor told him that Eli Manning had been the quarterback in the Giants victory over New England.

When asked about the embarrassing finale to an excellent Super Bowl week Ballard said, “Are you sure that wasn’t Peyton, because he didn’t play for us this year, and that guy looked like Peyton. Something was wrong with his face, maybe he had a minor stroke, but you can’t tell me that was not Peyton Manning.”

When asked about his delusions on Manning’s literal track record, “My aide has informed me that I was confusing Peyton Manning for A.J. Foyt. You can see where I got crossed up.”

Colts owner Jim Irsay was too busy tweeting for comment at the time of publication.