Early Monday morning, the New York Giants’ official team bandwagon broke due to the increased amount of Jets fans that have flocked to it since the G-Men won Super Bowl XLVI over the New England Patriots. As there is seemingly no hope for the Jets next season (unless, of course, they get Peyton Manning), thousands of former Jets fans have switched their allegiance to the Giants, and have subsequently jumped right onto the bandwagon for the Giants, which isn’t strong enough to handle all of the new fans.

“We have ordered a few new, 100% oak bandwagons to accommodate the influx of fans,” said coach Tom Coughlin. “I’m not very surprised that we are facing this problem, but I was a little shocked that it happened so soon after the Super Bowl. I guess Jets fans just didn’t have the kind of good chemistry with their team, as opposed to how tight-knit we are with our fans, and our players are with each other in the locker room.”

On a side note, the Jets bandwagon force, which used to hold roughly half of the NY Metro Area’s football fans, now only holds around 20 percent of that original number of fans.