Sunday, June 26, 2022

Koyie Hill inconsolable following Piniella’s retirement

It has become a tradition for a Cubs manager to have a favorite veteran player or two that he inserts into the lineup nearly every day much to the chagrin of their fans. Dusty Baker had Neifi Perez and Lou Piniella had Koyie Hill.

Cubs managerial candidates: Pros and cons

Since Lou Piniella announced his retirement last month, speculation as to his replacement has reached a fevered pitch. And now that he ended his career six weeks early it's only gotten worse.

Reader Submission: Blackhawks beat salary cap and re-sign Niemi

The Blackhawks shocked the hockey world late Friday night by working around the salary cap to re-sign Stanley Cup hero Antti Niemi to a three-year, two-part deal that will have him serve the dual role of goalie/Zamboni driver.

Girl still has Stanley Cup-licking photo as her Facebook profile pic; Guys still asking...

June 11, 2010, was a day Farah France will never forget; the Blackhawks victory parade, partying with the players, and a passionate French kiss with Lord Stanley's Cup.

Cubs move Derrek Lee statue to Atlanta

Inspired by their decision Monday to relocate the Harry Caray statue a block north to the Bud Light Bleachers entrance, the Cubs have moved Derrek Lee to Atlanta. Lee, still a sure handed first baseman, has mysteriously become a statuesque stiff at the plate for the Cubs this year.

Radio Brief: Cubs fan considers unprecedented switch to the Sox after Zambrano blowup

Zambrano's latest antics cause one North Side fan to contemplate what used to be unthinkable.

Wrigley marquee again used to congratulate champions other than Cubs

The Cubs typically use the electronic message board on their famed stadium marquee to broadcast messaging from corporate sponsors. Occasionally they congratulate another team for winning a championship. Someday maybe that team will be them.