Sunday, June 26, 2022

Hendry decides to write book after reading fake news release

Prior to Friday's game in Milwaukee, an anonymous culprit planted a phony news release in the Miller Park press room that claimed Cubs GM Jim Hendry was writing an autobiography titled "How to Finish Near Last Place with the Highest Payroll in the League." After hearing of the stunt, Hendry was inspired to actually write the book.

Lovie apologizes for unsuccessful attempt to lose Sunday’s game

The postgame press conference began the same way so many have at Soldier Field, with a tight-lipped Smith approaching the podium, devoid of emotion.

Jets sexual harassment charges give bloggers a chance to post photos of hot reporter

When word broke this weekend that a female TV Azteca reporter and former Miss Spain was suing the New York Jets for sexual harassment it provided sports bloggers and even mainstream media a much-needed opportunity to post suggestive photos of the accuser.

NFL repositions umpires on zip lines after Peyton Manning’s hissy fit

The NFL was simply trying to protect officials by positioning them behind the line of scrimmage, but a five-yard, preseason delay of game penalty caused Peyton Manning to demand the umpires be removed from the field entirely.

Wrigley to become white person mecca for Dave Matthews concerts next month

Wrigleyville is currently preparing itself for an onslaught of frat boys, posers and custies when the Dave Matthews Band rolls into town Sept. 17 and 18. The concerts promise to be the largest gathering of white people in Chicago since the downtown Apple Store waiting line for the new iPhone in June.

Cutler picked off by a tackling dummy

The Bears have a lot to work on trying to improve from last season on both sides of the ball, but with the addition of Mike Martz as the new offensive coordinator, there's been a ton of pressure on the offense to learn the new system.

Exclusive: Brenly secretly managed from booth this season during Lou’s naps

Sources this week revealed Bob Brenly was at times covertly managing the Cubs, taking over coaching duties during now-former skipper Lou Piniella's in-game naps that occured on an increasingly frequent basis after the manager announced his retirement last month.