When word broke this weekend that a female TV Azteca reporter was suing the Jets for sexual harassment, it provided sports bloggers and even mainstream media a much-needed opportunity to post suggestive photos of the accuser.

Ines Sainz, a former Miss Spain, claims she had footballs thrown in her direction by a Jets coach during practice and that players later attempted to humiliate her in the team’s locker room.

“We haven’t had a legitimate reason to post scandalous photos in nearly a month so we really needed this,” said Deadspin.com editor AJ Daulerio. “This lawsuit will be good for at least five or  six posts of nothing but gratutious photos.”

Even CBS News got in on the skin fest, including an 18-picture photo gallery of Sainz with its article about the lawsuit.

“We at CBS believe our audience deserves to see every angle of a news story,”  said CBS President and CEO Les Moonves. “Plus, did you see how hot that chick is? Wowza!”