June 11, 2010, was a day Farah France will never forget; the Blackhawks victory parade, partying with the players, and a passionate French kiss with Lord Stanley’s Cup. In fact, more than two months later, Farah still has that moment frozen in time on her Facebook page, which has led to many wall posts, emails, and obscene photos sent to her by would-be suitors.

“My relationship status is clearly listed as ‘In a Relationship’,” said France. “But that hasn’t stopped every weirdo in Chicago from telling me what other ‘trophies’ I could lick.”

When asked her boyfriend’s opinion on th e matter, and what it means for their relationship, France was more ambiguous.

“I’m very happy with my current situation, but that doesn’t mean a girl doesn’t like the attention,” she said. “It’s not all bad, I guess.”

Still, France admitted it may be time to change her profile pic to something new. Initial options include a photo of her licking a Cubs World Series Trophy, licking a Bears Lombardi Trophy, or licking a Fire Anschutz Trophy.

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