Sunday, June 26, 2022

NFL repositions umpires on zip lines after Peyton Manning’s hissy fit

The NFL was simply trying to protect officials by positioning them behind the line of scrimmage, but a five-yard, preseason delay of game penalty caused Peyton Manning to demand the umpires be removed from the field entirely.

Hendry decides to write book after reading fake news release

Prior to Friday's game in Milwaukee, an anonymous culprit planted a phony news release in the Miller Park press room that claimed Cubs GM Jim Hendry was writing an autobiography titled "How to Finish Near Last Place with the Highest Payroll in the League." After hearing of the stunt, Hendry was inspired to actually write the book.

Jets sexual harassment charges give bloggers a chance to post photos of hot reporter

When word broke this weekend that a female TV Azteca reporter and former Miss Spain was suing the New York Jets for sexual harassment it provided sports bloggers and even mainstream media a much-needed opportunity to post suggestive photos of the accuser.

Get a free foursome at Old Style’s mini-golf event Wednesday night

Join The Heckler Wednesday at the Inaugural Old Style North Side Neighborhood Cup at The Green at Grant Park (352 E. Monroe) tomorrow starting from 4 until 10. In addition to great Old Style deals, you have a chance to win your own foursome.

Rex Ryan denies impropriety, says he always refers to his junk as ‘Sabado Gigante’

Three days after a Latina reporter claimed she was sexually harassed by members of the New York Jets, head coach Rex Ryan tried to put the issue to rest by claiming he’s been referring to his penis as “Sabado Gigante” for years.

Reggie Bush forced to return free Chipotle burrito received during 2004 season

Former USC star Reggie Bush has been forced to return a free Chipotle burrito he received Oct. 15, 2004, when an employee of the fast food chain refused Bush's offer to pay, allegedly stating "No way, Reggie Bush! This is on the house, man!"

Cutler credits porous offensive line for hook up with Cavallari

The Bears’ offensive line has done a lousy job the last two seasons when it comes to protecting its QB during games, but when at the clubs, they haven’t left Jay Cutler scrambling once this year.