The Bears’ offensive line has done a lousy job the last two seasons when it comes to protecting its QB during games, but when at the clubs, they haven’t left Jay Cutler scrambling once this year.

“They do such a good job blocking all of the ugly girls and letting all the good ones through,” said Cutler, who’s been seen with [Kristin] Cavallari for a couple of weeks now. “Now if they could block that well on the field I’d probably stop being such a prick to everyone.”

The offensive line struggled last year and let every girl through to Cutler when out on the town. It wasn’t until the well-respected Mike Tice was hired when they finally shaped up.

“An offensive line must protect the quarterback on and off the field,” said Tice. “You can’t just let any old broad walk up to and start talking to your QB. It’ll ruin his already fragile focus.”

It surely wasn’t the case with Cavallari. Center Olin Kreutz spotted her down the bar and audibled to the rest of the line for an easier protection scheme. True to form, it was tackle Chris Williams who let her pass.

“Unlike in a game situation, I wanted to let her through,” said Williams, who for once was commended when he allowed someone to reach his quarterback. “I knew what a fan of ‘The Hills’ that Jay was, so I just had to let her go.”

By Michael Kloempken

Michael Kloempken