Former USC star Reggie Bush has been forced to return a free Chipotle burrito he received Oct. 15, 2004, when  an employee of the fast food chain refused Bush’s offer to pay, allegedly stating “No way, Reggie Bush! This is on the house, man!”

NCAA officials claim that this burrito, with its high caloric and protein count, gave Bush a competitive boost, as well as an additional incentive to remain a part of the USC program. Bush, now a member of the defending champion New Orleans Saints, had no comment.

“This free Chipotle burrito, which was given to Mr. Bush by an aggressive booster as a reward for his collegiate performance, will be forever tainted,” the NCAA in an official statement. “The amateur status of this multi-billion dollar league has been tarnished because of this outrageous act.”

The NCAA has decided to leave the burrito vacated, meaning the burrito will go uneaten by any of the additional patrons who visited Chipotle on that day.  The NCAA report failed to mention the fact that Chipotle spends millions of dollars a year advertising for college football games.

By Jeff GoodSmith

Jeff GoodSmith