Sunday, June 26, 2022

Nation finally gets to wear all those Tebow jerseys it bought

Shortly after being drafted by the Broncos this spring Tim Tebow's jersey rocketed to the top of the NFL sales chart where it's remained ever since. Sunday Tebow started his first game, finally giving the country a chance to wear all those No. 15 Broncos jerseys it's purchased.

The Heckler Stat Pack

This week's stats include Retirement Leaders, Best Jay Ratings and Highest NFL Fines.

Bears-Vikings had most concussions in NFL game since injury was invented last year

The NFL revealed that Monday night's Bears-Vikings game had the most concussions in a single contest since the injury was invented in 2009.

Heckler Video: Did Rex Ryan reveal his foot fetish before the scandal broke?

Just a day before Rex Ryan's bizarre foot fetish scandal became public, he seemed a little too interested in Santonio Holmes' feet during a press conference. See for yourself.

Do Lovie Smith and his wife have a ‘bland’ fetish?

Just a few days after the Rex Ryan foot-fetish scandal, new videos have surfaced online depicting what appears to be MaryAnne Smith, wife of Bears head coach Lovie Smith, in several tedious, uninteresting situations.

Lovie to coach barefoot against Jets in an effort to distract Rex Ryan

Bears head coach Lovie Smith will reportedly go sans shoes on Sunday afternoon in hopes of distracting New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, an admitted foot-fetishist.

Joe Buck prepared to annoy fans in NFL playoffs

FOX network’s lead play-by-play man Joe Buck has made it clear he plans to "annoy the hell out of" everyone watching the playoffs.