Shortly after being drafted by the Broncos this spring TimTebow’s jersey rocketed to the top of the NFL sales chart where it’s remained ever since. Sunday Tebow started his first game for Denver, finally giving the country a chance to wear all those No. 15 Broncos jerseys it’s purchased.

“I just love Timmy,” said Tebow fan Matt Hedberg of Texas. “I bought his jersey shortly after draft day and I’ve been dying to wear it. Finally I got that chance.”

Though his Broncos lost 39-23 to the Raiders, Tebow didn’t disappoint. The rookie broke off a 40-yard TD run on just his second drive and impressed critics with his solid play. Of course, the millions of people who’ve purchased his jersey were thorough impressed.

“I’m glad Timmy played well,” said Hedberg. “I’d hate to have to donate it to charity like I did with the ones I bought of Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell.”