The Blackhawks and Red Wings squared off Friday night at the United Center in the latest clash between the two oldest rivals in the NHL. The Blackhawks were also celebrated Chris Chelios “Heritage Night,” with the former defensemen dropping the ceremonial pregame puck.

Many expected this to be a reverent, respectful event with an emphasis on the great tradition and rivalry between the two teams. However, things got ugly quickly at the Madhouse on Madison, when current Hawk defensemen John Scott mistook Chelios for a current player on the Red Wings, and tried to start a brawl prior to the ceremonial face off.

“I swear that guy plays for Detroit,” said Scott. “There’s no way I’m letting some Red Wing come into our barn and drop the first puck. I even saw him talking with the Detroit GM before the game.”

The attempt to start a brawl with Chelios was stopped by a mix of United Center security and Blackhawks front office personnel, who had to explain to Scott that while Chelios currently works for the Red Wings as an adviser, he did play nine seasons for the Blackhawks and is currently retired as a player.

Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman said that Scott’s confusion was completely understandable, and no disciplinary action will be taken against him.

“Sure, Chelios is an old man now, and it should be obvious that he no longer plays the game,” said Bowman. “But everybody else on Detroit is pretty old, too, so I can see how Big John got confused.”

By Drew Adams