Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Cedric Benson struggling to find friends

With his huge contract and bad attitude it's no secret Cedric Benson is having a hard time fitting in with his Bears teammates. However, nobody could have ever seen the latest chapter in this saga coming.

Chicago welcomes back an old friend

The Bears host the Arizona Cardinals in week three of the preseason tonight at Soldier Field. The return of the Cards brings back memories, good and bad for lifelong Chicagoans. The franchise called the Windy City home from 1922 - 1959.

Cards beat Bears before taking care of the Cubs

Tony La Russa prepared his team for the MLB postseason with a preseason win over the Bears on Friday night. La Russa, considered one of the best managers in the game using unconventional managing tactics, lead his team to a 23-16 victory.

Jones to start Friday versus Arizona Cardinals

Thanks to Cedric Benson's injured shoulder, lousy attitude and Sammy Sosa-esque getaway from Soldier Field during last week's preseason game, Thomas Jones is once again the starting running back for the Chicago Bears.

Griese and Orton plotting to injure Grossman

Dating back to last season, Rex Grossman has now played in 13 straight quarters without an injury—his longest streak since the beginning of the 2004 season. A stretch of game time longer than what his back-up Brian Griese could have ever imagined when he signed his five-year contract in March. It appears Griese is planning to take matters into his own hands.

Tom Skilling issues severe weather warning for Friday night

WGN-TV Meteorologist Tom Skilling thought he was in for the mother of all weather reports when he rushed out of the Weather Center in a panic late Thursday night, thinking severe weather was coming from the West.

Bears hammer Bolts

Bears fans with Super Bowl hopes were able to take a sigh of relief after Friday night's 24-3 spanking of the Chargers. Unlike the previous preseason game, both the defense and quarterback Rex Grossman actually seemed like they were familiar with the game of football.