With his huge contract and bad attitude it’s no secret Cedric Benson is having a hard time fitting in with his Bears teammates. However, nobody could have ever seen the latest chapter in this saga coming.

Though he is injured and not practicing, Benson is still expected to report to Halas Hall to rehab his shoulder and work out with the team. When he arrived to the facility on Tuesday, nothing seemed to be unusual until he got to his locker where he found a pink tutu in place of his work out clothes.

“Put that on sissy boy!” shouted linebacker Lance Briggs from across the locker room.

He ran into the same type of childish antics in the weight room. As he prepared to keep his legs strong by doing squats, he found his 25 lb. weights had been replaced with foam NERF dumbbells.

“Wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself!” yelled Thomas Jones who laughed with wide receivers Justin Gage and Bernard Berrian. “Sorry, we can’t lift with you, we have to go out and practice.”

The three then put “The Wiggles” on the weight room sound system before heading to the practice field.

Later in the afternoon at lunch, Benson went to sit by his fellow Texas college teammate, Nathan Vasher, only to have Vasher pick up his food tray and eat lunch with Oklahoma alums, Tommie Harris and Mark Bradley.

Even the one guy who has gotten to know Benson the best since he’s been with the Bears, trainer Tim Bream, refused to give the running back treatment on Tuesday.

“He’s a pompous jerk,” Bream said. “He thinks that because he was a number one pick and is one of the best paid guys on the team, that everybody should just bow down to him and hand everything to him. Personally, I’ve had it. He can rub on his own Ben Gay from now on.”

heckler editorial staff