The Bears host the Arizona Cardinals in week three of the preseason tonight at Soldier Field. The return of the Cards brings back memories, good and bad for lifelong Chicagoans. The franchise called the Windy City home from 1922 – 1959.

“My entire childhood revolved around the Cardinals,” said Chicago native, Garry Graham. “When they moved to St. Louis in 1959, it felt like my life ended. Any time they come back, it brings back wonderful memories of my days as a kid, Dick ‘Night Train’ Lane, Ernie Nevers.”

Graham sighed and paused, “I wish they would have never left.”

Others don’t have the same fond memories of the Cardinals, a team that has not won anything since 1947.

“They’ve always sucked,” said Bear fan George Leonard. “They sucked when they were in Chicago. They sucked when they were in St. Louis. And they suck now in Arizona.  The best thing they did was move out of Chicago.”

The Bears offense had better hope Leonard’s assessment of the Cardinals is correct because they could use the confidence. Starter Rex Grossman has yet to lead the first-string unit to a single score in 10 preseason possessions.

heckler editorial staff