Monday, May 29, 2023

Harbaugh brothers admit to switching coaching jobs six months ago

After being caught by his mother, John Harbaugh admitted in a press conference that he and his brother, Jim, switched places at the beginning of the season.

Kevin McAllister overcomes neglectful parents to win National Championship

As the clock ticked down on LSU's 42-25 win over Clemson, star QB and Heisman winner Kevin McAllister looked to the stands, but not for his parents.

God asks football players to stop thanking him for TDs

Following another full season of touchdowns scored across the country, God has issued a decree asking football players to kindly stop thanking him every time they cross the goal line.

Ratings increase on billion-dollar NCAA TV contract has stars of College Football Championship hopeful...

From networks to sponsors to the NCAA, everyone has been cashing in on the success of the new playoff structure, including the players themselves.

Dabo Swinney baptizes entire Clemson student body to prep for National Championship Game

On a cool, dark morning in Clemson, S.C., students lined the banks of the Seneca River for their chance to be baptized by the holiest man in the state.

Joe Burrow channels Bill Belichick: ‘We’re on to Cincinnati’

The LSU Tigers just handed the Oklahoma Sooners a Madden-type loss, 63-28. Joe Burrow threw for seven first-half touchdowns and added a rushing touchdown in the third.

Nick Saban adds Thanos to Alabama coaching staff

The rich are getting richer. Fresh off of a conference title and a No. 1 ranking leading up to the college football playoff, Alabama is adding another strong, and somewhat controversial figure to their coaching staff.