Sunday, December 10, 2023

MLB expanding playoffs to include every team but Pittsburgh

The Associated Press is reporting Major League Baseball will planning to expand its playoffs to include every team but the Pittsburgh Pirates beginning with the 2012 season.

Rothschild: ‘I’m taking my towel drill to South Bronx’

The Yankees hired Cubs pitching coach Larry Rothschild to serve in the same role there. Rothschild said he's looking forward to quickly showing his new team the one thing for which his old one will best remember him.

Cubs to ban hits to left field in 2011

Following the Big Ten’s decision to use only the west end zone during Saturday’s college football game at Wrigley Field, the Cubs announced they will only allow opponents to hit to right field starting next year.

Hendry inks Moyer to three-year, $18 million contract

That deafening silence fans have been hearing from Cubs camp this off-season has been that of GM Jim Hendry, whose wild spending habits on mediocre-at-best free agents has been curtailed by new ownership. Hendry, however, awoke from his hibernation Wednesday morning with his checkbook blazing.

Cubs add Tommy John to solidify their starting rotation

Hendry turns to a well-known, yet unexpected source for his worn down pitching needs.

A look back at Ron Santo from The Heckler

Ron Santo's passing marks a sad day for all Cubs fans and observers. The raw emotion he brought to games made you feel like you were following the game live with your grandfather, and that's probably the best way to take in baseball. He'll be missed by anyone who followed the Cubs.

Santo banned from pronouncing name of new Japanese player

Perhaps no one was more excited about the Cubs' offseason acquisition of Japanese outfielder Kosuke Fukudome than radio broadcaster Ron Santo. However, observers have noticed major problems with the phonetically challenged Cubs radio man's attempts to pronounce the name so far this season.