With a lack of money to spend on free agents this off-season, the Cubs have been looking for inexpensive options to fill out their starting rotation. According to sources, they first began talks with aging, injury-prone pitchers like Jeff Francis and Aaron Harang but the prices escalated quickly, leaving them to look for even cheaper options. That’s when Cubs GM Jim Hendry turned to a well-known, yet unexpected source for his worn down pitching needs.

“We wanted to go the route of cheap pitchers who’ve just come off surgery,” said Hendry. “Then we realized, why not go after the original old and severely injured pitcher? Tommy John himself.”

According to the Cubs, they have signed the 67-year-old pitcher to a five-year deal. He will probably be placed in the fourth or fifth starting spot, with the Cubs hoping to have him make 30 to 35 starts a year.

“He is in really good shape for a 67-year-old and our clubhouse is full of fragile veterans, so I think he’ll fit right in,” said Hendry. “We might have to invest in some more ice packs, though.”