The Yankees hired Cubs pitching coach Larry Rothschild to serve in the same role there. Rothschild said he’s looking forward to quickly showing his new team the one thing for which his old one will best remember him.

“Apparently the Yankees have never used a towel drill,” said Rothschild. “That’s something we’re going to fix right away.”

Rothschild will be reunited with Yankees manager Joe Girardi, who was Chicago’s’ catcher in 2002 when Rothschild joined the Cubs.

Rothschild said he wasn’t sure he would be able to turn around A.J. Burnett but said one thing is certain.

“By the time Joe and I are done with A.J. he’ll be really, really good at simulating his pitching motion while holding a towel in his right hand,” said Rothschild. “Just like we did with Matt Clement, Kerry Wood and Mark Prior back in ’02. Man those were the days.”