Friday, April 12, 2024

Meet the one guy who turns off the TV during Olympic ‘spoiler alerts’

This isn't the only example of Hellman wasting the collective nation's time. He has objected to more than 20 weddings, he constantly asks additional, pointless questions at the end of meetings, and he even writes checks to pay for his groceries.

NBC sends reporter to kick Bode Miller in shin and throw sand in his...

"Covering the the Olympics is about identifying the human moments that we all can relate to," said Mark Lazarus, chairman of NBC Sports. "And what's more human than getting bullied by a needling reporter?"

Local creep holds women’s skeleton event in his basement

“Real skeletons, man!” said party attendee Phillip Scott. “Sure, the fact that they were moving at a high rate of speed made it hilarious. But after the first two races I totally called the police.”

Costas revealed as ‘Tears of Blood’ spy by KGB informant

Costas has used his "tears of blood" to coax untold secrets from many sports and political figures, sharing them with mentor Howard (Vladimir Toupeenitsyn) Cosell, previously thought deceased.

Putin rescinds controversial gay propaganda laws after meeting Patrick Sharp

“We may have made a mistake,” said Putin. “What person would not want to grab this man by his face and kiss both cheeks more times than normal social etiquette would call for?”

Sochi temps at least 5 degrees warmer than usual this time of year

"Any other year, holding the games in such a warm part of the country would have been only borderline ridiculous," said a local Olympic delegate. "But right now, with temperatures reaching nearly 70 instead of the usual 65, we have the egg on the face, as you Americans say."

U.S. and Russia bet entire country of Canada in friendly Olympic wager

"We've both kind of had our eye on that land for a while now," admitted Obama. "I like their healthcare system, while Vladimir would love to do some shirtless moose hunting without worrying about international law getting in the way."