Sunday, December 10, 2023

Justin Bieber placed on suicide watch after Heat, Kings lose

Nobody took the near-simultaneous losses harder than Heat/Kings diehard fan Justin Bieber.

Paul George blames Pacers loss on last week’s dramatic episode of ‘Game of Thrones’

"I mean, no spoilers obviously, but for those of you who saw the episode ... that last scene, oh my God, right?" a still shaken George told the media after the game. "That was out of nowhere! Just, totally crazy. Needless to say, when we were done with the episode, man, we just weren't in a place to go out and get that win, you know?"

Birdman to Sager: ‘That look is completely tasteless’

It seems that the Birdman, known for his quite unique appearance, took exception to Sager’s own inimitable look.

Clerical error forces Game 7 between the Heat and Packers

"Turns out Green Bay was on a team retreat to South Beach, so it all worked out really well for them unfortunately," said Nellie Scott, the NBA admin whose fatal "K" keystroke forced the Packers to take on the Heat rather than the Pacers. "It really was a bloodbath."

David Stern ‘pulling out all the stops’ to make sure the Pacers don’t win...

"When David gets back into a corner, he goes into what we call 'straight gangster mode,'" said one high-ranking NBA official. "We've all heard about how he rigged the 2002 Lakers-Kings series, but that's just the tip of it."

LeBron to start flopping clinic for kids after playoffs

Who said LeBron James doesn't give back to the community? King James will have his first-ever flopping clinic for kids after the playoffs.For the low cost of $500, James will spend an afternoon with...

Marlins fan falls asleep while diving for home run ball

After a home run off the bat of Justin Ruggiano flew halfway into the second deck, Florida resident Andy Kelley reached most of the length of two full seats to intercept the ball as it bounced by, but fell asleep in the middle of the effort.