Sunday, May 19, 2024

Nation’s bullies rally around Miami Dolphins organization

In a week where the Miami Dolphins have been repeatedly slammed by the media for allowing a culture of bullying and hazing to permeate their locker room, it looks as though the team has finally found themselves an ally.

ESPN promises to ignore all other sports news for the next 24 hours following...

"We will make sure to replay and over-analyze the Bulls and Heat game so much over the next 24 hours that no fan will be left wanting more, and in fact, all fans of sport everywhere will be desperately begging for us to talk about something other than that three minutes LeBron had to play without his headband on."

LeBron upset he can’t add wedding ring to catch Jordan

"Aw man, a ring's a ring," James said. "ESPN told me I could include it. They love me there. Could I buy other players' rings or do I really have to win give more to pass Michael? Man, that's a lot of flopping."

‘Bored’ Guillen takes job as school crossing guard

Aside from a few local personal appearances and sports commentary gigs on national television, Guillen has done little to occupy his time. He told a local radio station that his days are spent mostly watching television. ”I love the Maury Povich Show. I can spend hours trying to figure out who’s the father.”

Cubs trade Sveum’s desk to Marlins for Ottoman to be named later

"In Dale's desk we had a tired mid-'70s aluminum piece of furniture that really had to go," said Epstein. "For whatever reason, the Marlins were really into it."

Refs accept blame for Spurs missing key free throws

In a historic first, the NBA accepted full responsibility for blowing Tuesday night's Game 6 Final between the Spurs and Heat when officials caused San Antonio to miss several key free throws down the stretch.

SportsCenter anchors use voodoo to help Heat win last two games

With the Heat one loss away from losing the NBA Finals to the Spurs, the anchors on SportsCenter won't have any of that. They are going to extreme lengths to help the Heat repeat as champions, including voodoo.