Theo Epstein’s reputation as a mover and shaker was further cemented today when the Cubs dealt manager Dale Sveum’s desk to the Miami Marlins for an Ottoman to be named later.

“In Dale’s desk we had a tired mid-’70s aluminum piece of furniture that really had to go,” said Epstein. “For whatever reason, the Marlins were really into it.”

Added Epstein: “It’s a poorly kept secret that Miami is a hotbed of great Ottomans, and we could really use some nice footstools around the front offices.”

Sveum said he didn’t really anticipate missing the desk, and was looking forward to the Ottoman’s arrival.

“Let’s be honest: It doesn’t take a lot of time to fill out the lineup card these days,” said Sveum. “So what do I need that crappy old desk for? But an Ottoman? That’s the pinnacle of luxury.”