In a move designed to open the lines of communication and re-establish mutual respect and trust, Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees have agreed to appear on “The Jerry Springer Show” to solve all their problems. In a press release, the producers of The Jerry Springer show said the following;

“Our show has long brought conflicting couples together to help with the healing process, whether they were backyard bimbos, angry trailer park teens or overpriced third basemen who can’t come up with clutch RBI in the playoffs.”

The latest feuding guests to be featured on The Jerry Springer Show have a long running history of conflict. The Yankees are still upset that A-Rod violated the collective bargaining agreement by seeking a second opinion on his injured leg. They are also upset that Rodriguez has not come clean about his role in the emerging BioGenesis scandal. Finally, Yankees President Randy Levine was quoted as saying that “We is also mad that Alex Borrowed our girlfriend and slept with yo’ cousin and that ain’t right.”

Rodriguez, meanwhile, sees going on the popular show as an opportunity to rehab his image and improve his perception in the public eye. Rodriguez’s primary concerns which will be addressed at the live taping are that the Yankees are rushing him back to play before he is ready as well as that they are quote “cold-hearted homewreckers who keep fooling around with other free agents.”

The episode, which will be called “Naughty Players and the GM’s Who Love Them” is scheduled to air on the WGN Network after a Maury Povich re-run and before a new episode of “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant.”