With negotiations between the Ricketts family and the city of Chicago at a standoff in terms of allowing the family to spend $500 million of their own money on renovating Wrigley Field, Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts proposed building a play area outside of the ballpark where those in attendance could interact with puppies after a Cubs loss.

Ricketts explained his reasoning to Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Wrigleyville’s alderman Tom Tunney.

“The temporary fenced-in area will be constructed right outside the main gate, beneath the marquee, during games. If the Cubs win there will be no puppies because fans will already be happy,” said Ricketts. “However, if the Cubs lose there will be a multitude of cuddly puppies waiting to be petted and played with in order to cheer up those who were at the game.”

After a quick private chat with Tunney, Emanuel asked, “Will there be Labrador puppies?”

When informed there would be Labrador puppies, Emanuel and Tunney conferred for a few seconds before the mayor green-lighted the renovation of Wrigley Field and the surrounding area.

A. Waite