Editor’s note: In honor of Alfonso Soriano’s trade to the Yankees, here’s one of our favorite archived articles about the slugger.

Alfonso Soriano is one of the most aggressive hitters in baseball. During the 2007 regular season, the Cubs’ atypical leadoff man hit 33 home runs while posting four times as many strikeouts as walks.

The free-swinging Dominican now vows to take an even more aggressive offensive approach into the postseason.

“The more swings, the better chance of hitting the home run,” said Soriano. “So, I will swing at everything they throw at me from now on.”

Potential postseason opponents have also taken note and plan to gear up their defense. Some may even impose their own “Soriano shift” by pulling the catcher and adding a fourth outfielder.

From The Heckler’s October 2007 issue by Brian Berns