A television NBA courtside interview during the Eastern Conference Finals took a bizarre turn this week when the tables were turned on the reporter, and the interviewer became the interviewee. In a classic “do-not-adjust-your-TV-set” moment, the exchange began during a break in the action between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, when TNT’s Craig Sager spoke to the Heat’s Chris “Birdman” Andersen. It seems that the Birdman, known for his quite unique appearance, took exception to Sager’s own inimitable look.

Instead of answering the usual rhetorical questions about how he thought the game was going, Andersen took the opportunity to say what all of America has been thinking for some time now, outspokenly telling Sager that his fashion sense was “non-existent” and “spectacularly horrific.” Despite the scathing criticism of his apparel, Sager seemed blissfully ignorant as he appeared to be distracted by the nearly hypnotic visual assault that is The Birdman.

While other TNT broadcasters were asked to comment on the strange incident post-game, all politely declined, except for the always-candid Charles Barkley, who was interrupted while standing at the backstage buffet table. “Hey, pass me that platter of roast beef and those cookies”, declared Sir Charles emphatically.

Edgar Allan Photoshoppe