Thursday, December 8, 2022

Retro Cover from 1969: Cubs not phased by Mets, black cat

To commemorate the Cubs' 100th year since a World Series title, The Heckler is taking a look back at some of its more memorable editions. So far we've given you 1908, 1916 and 1945.

White Sox reacquire Roberto Alomar after HOF election

After trading for Roberto Alomar in 2003 and again in 2004, the White Sox are reverting to old, reliable means to improve their output at second base. Wednesday afternoon, the White Sox traded for Roberto Alomar on the same day the retired player was elected to baseball's Hall of Fame.

Mets can’t figure out why investors are reluctant to invest

Although the Mets lost $10 million in 2009, $50 million in 2010, and will lose at least $50 million this year, their principal owner Fred Wilpon can’t figure out why his cold calls to people whose names appear on Mets fan Bernie Madoff’s list of investors aren’t yielding positive results.

Mets’ Wilpon escalates to ‘yo mama’ put-downs

Embattled New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon today escalated his war of words with his team by resorting to a brutal string of "yo mama" jokes.

Cubs sign Dwight Gooden for starting pitching depth

Former Cy Young winner and perpetual train wreck Dwight Gooden has signed with the Cubs through the end of the season to give their much maligned starting rotation some depth.

Reyes contract demands include changing first line of anthem to ‘Jose can you see’

You want to sign Jose Reyes? The conversation begins at $100 million, but that’s not the only contract stipulation causing teams to balk.

Mo Vaughn storms out of Citi Field after learning shrine to No. 42 isn’t...

Mo Vaughn thought he was being honored by the Mets when he walked in the Rotunda entrance of Citi Field for Sunday's game against the Yankees and was greeted by a giant No. 42 statue, little did he know it had nothing to do with him.