Jose Reyes is one of baseball’s most dynamic athletes. He’s also on the verge of becoming one of the league’s highest paid players. You want to sign Jose Reyes? The conversation begins at $100 million, but that’s not the only contract stipulation causing teams to balk. A person close to Reyes’ agent recently let it leak that they will demand to have the opening word of the Star Spangled Banner changed to “Jose,” and they won’t take no for an answer.

“What’s the big deal? Half of America thinks it’s ‘Jose can you see,’ anyway,” stated an enthusiastic Met fan. “We need Reyes on this team more than that bum Wright.”

While this may sit well with some, others think such a change would be unconstitutional.

“Jose is crazy if he thinks he’s getting Crawford money,” said Mets owner Fred Wilpon. “He’s not a star, the team stinks, the fans stink, and God Bless America!”

This wouldn’t be the first time a player has attempted to change the National Anthem. In 2007, a Twins outfielder tried to coax one California team into changing the lyrics to, “for the land of Torii.”

It’s not yet known whether the Mets will look to deal the speedster at this year’s trading deadline, but it’s clear at least one team probably won’t be getting Jose’s services — the Toronto Blue Jays.

By Vin Conzo