Embattled New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon today escalated his war of words with his team by resorting to a brutal string of “yo mama” jokes. Reporters who gathered at Mets front offices in Queens expected to interview a contrite Wilpon, eager to apologize for his scathing criticism of his own team’s top players.

Instead, they were treated to a withering string of personal insults focusing on the players’ mothers.

“Beltran’s mama is so overpaid, her poodle’s got gold teeth!” Wilpon remarked to stunned reporters. “Reyes’ mama is so overrated, she thinks she’s going to get Carl Crawford’s mama money!”

As Wilpon’s son and Mets COO, Jeff, dragged his father from the podium, the elder Wilpon could be heard shouting, “David Wright’s actually a really nice kid…but his mama’s not a superstar: she’s a Wright Dwarf! Get it? Get it?”

Cary Nathenson