[expletive deleted] Timeline

2004: Second place–not too [expletive deleted] shabby.

2005: First World Series victory since Woodrow [expletive deleted] Wilson presidency–[expletive deleted] amazing!

2006: Third place, oh [expletive deleted] well. Jay Mariotti? Fag.

2007: What the [expletive deleted]?

2008: Division champs! Lose in first round three games to one. Still, one win better than the [expletive deleted] Cubs!

2009: Goddamn [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted]!

2010: Too [expletive deleted] drunk to remember. Cubs suck! Hell yeah! Also, time to sign up for a [expletive deleted] Twitter account

2011: Adam [expletive deleted] Dunn. Alex [expletive deleted] Rios. [expletive deleted]!

Cary Nathenson