Kenny Williams believes the third time is the charm.

After trading for Roberto Alomar in 2003 and again in 2004, the White Sox are reverting to old, reliable means to improve their output at second base. Wednesday afternoon, the White Sox traded the Hall of Fame rights of first base coach Harold Baines and another potential Hall of Famer to be named later for Robert0 Alomar on the same day the retired player was elected to baseball’s Hall of Fame.

“To bring in a player of Robbie’s abilities will be a great addition to an offense already led by Konerko, Dunn and Quentin.” Williams said. “Robbie is a Hall of Fame caliber player … heck, he just made the Hall of Fame a few hours ago.”

Alomar is excited to re-unite with his former Indians teammate, 53-year-old Omar Vizquel, who is currently the White Sox best middle infielder.

“Omar and I were a really exciting double play combination in Cleveland,” Robbie said. “It will be nice to get out there with him and see if we can still throw the leather around like we did in the ’90s.”

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen and his son responded to the Alomar acquisition via Twitter.

Ozzie: “I hope Gordo Bekam can learned much from former White Sox, Padre, Blue Jay, Indian, Oriole, Diamondback and Met.”

Oney: “Robbie Alomar? Hope he dont spit at me. And have you heard what his former girlfriend’s say about him? hahah.”

Chicago Vince