Team names are fun, but they don’t always accurately reflect a franchise’s players and fans. Here at The Heckler, we’ve created a few alternate names and logos that are more descriptive of the teams they represent. We’ll be adding to the list periodically, so check back or stop by our Facebook page and throw a few suggestions our way.

Let’s start with Detroit’s NFL franchise, which experienced a string of off-season incidents that, we feel, has provided an opportunity to be a bit more clear about the team’s main characteristic:

And then of course there’s the squabbling team up in New York.

Always a bridesmaid…

Sometimes a team is led by a superstar player and you can’t even name a single other member of the franchise…

Other times a team is in first place but nobody cares because they’re too busy getting drunk at the stadium across town!

Maybe if we acquire tons of talent and have a huge payroll everything will magically fall into place!

Can a team make you sad?

If fans are going to own a team, shouldn’t the logo be about them?

Then there’s the team everyone agrees on:

And the disarray across town:

And of course you have these losers.

To see more logos, including the Red Sox, Phillies and Canucks, go to Part 2!