Lost amidst all the players’ brawls and Tim Tebow madness was the appearance of the only man that could bring more of a distraction to the circus known as Jets training camp. Out-of-work and out-of-the-spotlight QB Brett Favre was spotted lurking around the premises of his one-time team.

Favre was allegedly seen hiding behind the bushes around the area where the quarterbacks were practicing. Many fans reported seeing him keenly observing incumbent starting quarterback Mark Sanchez and backup savior Tim Tebow, and repeatedly muttering under his breath.

“I wouldn’t even have noticed him because it was business as usual,” said season-ticket holder Roy Hiller. “I was just watching Tebow overshoot his intended target by about seven feet, and then I hear a loud audible ‘Aww, c’mon!!!’ coming from the bushes. That’s when I saw Brett.”

More fanfare may have arisen at Favre’s appearance if not for a few player skirmishes that took place soon after he was noticed by fans. Just then, head coach Rex Ryan stopped practice for the first time in his tenure, and ordered the team to run 11 gassers the width of the field.

At that time, Favre was seen talking on his cell phone to agent Bus Cook and casually walking towards Ryan. The moment Favre saw the team running gassers, witnesses say they could see him mouth the words “Oh hell no! Forget it Bus” before stopping in his tracks, turning around and walking away.

When reporters finally caught up with Favre in the parking lot, he was pressed for the reason he showed up at Jets camp. He denied he was attempting a comeback with the Jets.

“No, of course not guys. I’m retired now. You know that. By the way, anyone know if Jenn [Sterger] still works here? She won’t return any of my texts.”