Sunday, December 10, 2023

Man upset ‘UConn women continue to streak’ was not what he thought

On Saturday, John Schultz of Roscoe Village was flipping through the channels and heard a tease on ESPN News that video of the women of the University of Connecticut streaking would be shown at the top of the hour.

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Here’s a comprehensive list of New Year’s resolutions for a ton of athletes and...

Every year countless people put together an impossible list of New Year's resolutions only to fail on most by the second week of January. Athletes and other sports figures are no different. Here's a list of resolutions from the best and brightest in the Chicago sports world and elsewhere.

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Thibodeau: ‘Matchups dictate Boozer should wash my car’

Tom Thibodeau has cited matchups as the reason Carlos Boozer has been sitting so much in recent games. The coach also contends unfavorable matchups are the reason Boozer needed to wash his car.

Joakim Noah gets bong cast

Joakim Noah, who's been out for about a month recovering from thumb ligament surgery, is trying to make the best of a bad situation. To occupy his downtime, the Bulls starting center recently purchased a cast that doubles as a bong.

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