Tom Thibodeau recently sat power forward Carlos Boozer for the entire fourth quarter, citing unfavorable matchups as the reason the Bulls offseason prize didn’t see the floor during the final minutes of a furious rally which saw Chicago fall two points short against the Nets. When the Bulls arrived home on Thursday, Thidodeau once again referenced matchups as the reason Boozer needed to wash the head coach’s car in the Berto Center parking lot.

“The wingspan and quick hands of Carlos make him the ideal person to not only wash and dry but also wax my car,” said Thibodeau. “He is also physically and mentally tough, which he’ll need because it’s absolutely freezing outside.”

It is unclear whether Thibodeau’s decision will have an impact on the Bulls, with most players hesitant to side with either their coach or teammate.

“Yeah, we were surprised,” Derrick Rose told reporters. “But we’re not going to try to decide who should wash what. We’re just going to leave all the chores and everything up to [Thibodeau].”

Boozer was less diplomatic. “You got to talk to Thibs about that,” he told reporters. “That was his decision.”

By Tim Butterly