After losing out on Stanford’s Jim Harbaugh, who was hired yesterday by the San Francisco 49ers, the Miami Dolphins will instead focus on hiring a tandem of former NFL quarterbacks — Steve Walsh and Erik Kramer.

“It worked for the 1994 Bears,” said owner Stephen Ross.

“The 1993 Bears were the last team manned by Mr. Harbaugh and they failed to live up to expectations,” Ross said about a team that finished 7-9 and was 28th in passing. “Then they split starts between Kramer and Walsh and won a playoff game. If you ask me, the 49ers chose the wrong QBs from that franchise. It’s time for the Dolphins to revisit the 1994 Bears magic.”

Ross stated that the currently unemployed Dave Wannstedt, who coached the ’94 Bears and spent time with the Dolphins, would not be rehired in any capacity. But the owner did leave the door open for other former Bears.

“If anyone has heard from Neal Anderson, let me know,” Ross said.

By Tim Butterly