Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Heckler Comic: Albert & Dunn

Adam "The Big Donkey" Dunn offers some helpful advice to struggling slugger Albert Pujols. By Rick Atkinson

Angels list Pujols as ‘Dunn for the year’

The prognosis from Los Angeles Angels team doctors is as worst feared: 1B Albert Pujols has been officially pronounced “Dunn for the year,” as in Chicago White Sox 1B/DH Adam Dunn.

Pujols HGH shipments mistakenly sent to St. Louis

“When a client changes jobs it is customary to let us know,” said a BALCO spokesman. “We have been sending Pujols’s HGH supplies to St. Louis on schedule for the past 10 years, and Albert didn’t fill out the ‘new employer’ form. It looks like he is off the juice; no wonder he sucks.”

Pujols blames slow start on not facing Cubs anymore

“Mostly, it’s the Cubs,” Pujols said. “I used to kill them. But now that I’m in the American League, it’s different. They’ve got real pitchers in this league, not the Triple A rejects they have on the Cubs. Playing against them I forgot how to hit real pitching.”

Cardinals send Albert Pujols his World Series ring mounted on the middle finger of...

Any doubts Albert Pujols had that the Cardinals were harboring ill-will toward him after he left the team for the free agency millions of the Angels, were erased when he opened his mail Monday morning and discovered his 2011 World Series ring had been shipped to him on the middle finger of a cadaver’s hand, on dry ice in a Cracker Jack box.

Angels replace controversial ‘El Hombre’ billboards with new ‘Suck it, Musial’ slogan

After Albert Pujols informed the Los Angeles Angels he did not want them using "El Hombre" as a slogan on their billboards, out of deference to his personal admiration to Stan "The Man" Musial, team officials have replaced the offensive slogan with billboards that simply say "Suck it, Musial."

Angels rush to void deal after birth certificate surfaces proving Pujols is 45

The Los Angeles Angels quickly moved to void the 10-year, $254 million deal they handed Albert Pujols after a document surfaced from the Dominican Republic noting the slugger's year of birth as 1966.