After Albert Pujols informed the Los Angeles Angels he did not want them using “El Hombre” as a slogan on their billboards, out of deference to his personal admiration to Stan “The Man” Musial, team officials have replaced the offensive slogan with billboards that simply say “Suck it, Musial.”

Team president John Carpino told reporters that the team had “handled” the situation.

“We know that Albert has a close, personal connection with Stan Musial, and we understand his desire not to be referred to as ‘El Hombre’ out of deference to Mr. Musial,” said Carpino. “With that in mind, we felt that the much more simple, elegant slogan of ‘Suck it, Musial’ was a much more respectful way to rile up Cardinals nation, and remind them that we have taken away arguably the best player their team has ever had.”

Carpino added that the Angels management was happy with the slogan choice, with “Suck it, Musial” having only barely edged out other contenders such as “Nanny Nanny boo boo, we got Albert too” and “Remember that time Tony LaRussa got a DUI?”

By Jeff GoodSmith. Image by Joel Nielsen
Jeff GoodSmith