Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Angels announce ‘modest’ 240% hike in ticket prices

Following the high-profile signings of Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson for a combined $335 million, the Angels have announced a "modest price increase" of 240 percent on all seats in Angel Stadium.

Pujols mocks Derrick Rose over paltry 5-year deal that ‘doesn’t screw fans at all’

"What a moron!" exclaimed Pujols. "I'm like 20 years older than him and I got myself a 10-year, quarter billion dollar deal! He didn't even bother to screw over all his devoted fans. Such a joke."

Wrigleyville street vendor burns Pujols-mocking T-shirts

“I could have donated them, but I didn’t feel like dragging them all to the Brown Elephant,” Vaughn said.“ Looks like my only hope for a profitable 2012 would be if the Cubs could sign Yu Darvish.”

Cards fans angry Pujols is a trader who signed with Angles

Cardinals fans are blowing up Twitter today, voicing their displeasure at Albert Pujols, the "trader" first baseman who signed a 10-year contract with the "Angles" today.